Carina Licovich MS, Ph.D.

As Chief Child Development Officer at Westside Children’s Center, Carina Licovich maintains the integration of a child development focus across the agency and oversees all of WCC’s early education programming, including contracts with the California Department of Education and a federal Early Head Start program. Formerly WCC’s Early Education Development Director, Carina provides supervision and support to ensure quality control for children and their families who receive services at our early education center, in our network of licensed family childcare homes, and in individual family homes. She continues to deepen the culture of professional development within our early education programs thanks to her extensive child development and psychology training.

She works as adjunct professor at Pacific Oaks College and taught classes in psychology, psychoanalysis, human resources, and child development and theory at El Salvador University and Kennedy University in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Carina remains an active member of the Southern Society of Psychoanalysis, a research and training organization. She holds a PhD in clinical psychology from El Salvador University and a master’s in clinical psychology from Kennedy University.


Pablo Suñé MTBC

Pablo Suñé is a Board Certified Music Therapist, Executive Director at Dinjes Music Therapy, an organization that provides therapy to persons with developmental disabilities through music and the Arts. Pablo developed a program to provide effective music therapy workshops to interpreters, teachers and voice professionals. By incorporating these techniques, they can expand their communication skills while at the same time improving their skills when performing in front of an audience.